Friendly puppet shows at Arlington Center for the Arts

Join me and other Boston-area puppeteers for funny, gentle puppet shows on winter Saturdays at Arlington Center for the Arts.  After each show we hope you’ll stay to play with puppets or make a simple puppet. And enjoy a coffee, if you’re an adult.

Tickets are $7 at the door, 3 for $20.

December 5, 11am & 2pm

Turtle’s New Home presented by Deborah Costine

Blanding the turtle is in search of a new, safe wetland habitat. A road has been built between her little pond and the sandy hill where she goes every spring to lay her eggs. Join award-winning puppeteer Deborah Costine for this engaging and carefully researched story about friends and a wetland habitat.



January 9, 11am & 2pm

Mathilda’s Bath by Margaret Moody Puppets

Only Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s magic can convince the grimy Mathilda to take a bath. This story is a light-hearted adaptation of a Betty MacDonald story told with needle-felted pig puppets. Best for ages 3 to 7.

More: Mathilda’s Bath

February 6, 11am & 2pm

Monkey Makes Mischief in Heaven by Margaret Moody Puppets

Usher in the Year of the Monkey with a puppet show starring the Monkey King. Margaret Moody performs an episode of the Chinese epic Journey to the West with traditional Taiwanese puppets. Stay after to try out traditional puppets and dance with a lucky lion. Best for ages four and up.

More: Monkey Makes Mischief in Heaven

March 5, 11am & 2pm

Leopard Learns a Lesson by Magpie Puppets

Leopard is always bullying smaller animals until Rabbit turns the tables on her – with the help of her son and the jungle’s two largest beasts, Elephant and Rhinoceros. The audience – and Leopard – learn that cooperation works better than intimidation. Maggie Whalen’s beautiful hand-made puppets and funny voices bring joy to this story, inspired by a tale from Malawi.


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