Besides presenting my own shows through Margaret Moody Puppets, I work with some wonderful puppeteers and artists.

Since 1987 Madeleine Beresford and I have performed folk, history and fantasy stories through Galapago Puppets.  I met Madeleine, a dynamic theater and visual artist, while we were students at Oberlin College. In the 1980s we studied Chang Chung Hsi (掌中戲) puppetry in Taiwan with Master Li Tien-lu and the I Wan Jan Traditional Hand Puppet Troupe in Taiwan.  We perform two episodes of the Chinese epic Journey to the West with lively Taiwanese puppets, and expect to premiere a third, “The Ice River”, in 2023.

For the last five years I’ve been part of Dream Tale Puppets led by Jacek Zuzanski. Trained as an actor, puppeteer and director in Poland, Jacek brings faith in the renewing power of theater to his ensemble productions of fairy tales. In summer 2022, we opened “Alice, or a Red King’s Dream,” a show based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”smalljack

Arlington visual artist Sandra Pastrana and I have spent wonderful mornings creating new puppets and costumes, including needle-felted animals and Bu Dai Xi style characters. sandrappuppetheads



















































































































































































































































































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