Badger Meets the Fairies

Mr. Badger is thrilled to meet Blossom, a flower fairy, in the garden. He flies away with her to help the fairies build a playground. But then it’s complicated: the fairies won’t use cement; and Mr. Badger wants to learn to fly. This gentle tale is based on European fairy lore.“Badger Meets the Fairies” is best for ages 4 to 10, and lasts 40 minutes.

Puppets, sets and music work together in the show to evoke a woodland garden. Fairy puppets and sets for their garden were built by visual artist Sandra Pastrana and Margaret Moody. Alison Plante of Berklee School of Music composed original music for the piece based on Celtic melodies. If you see Margaret perform as a solo artist, you will hear Alison’s melodies.

Recently, Arlington artists Peter Lehman and Ann Wynne have accompanied “Badger Meets the Fairies” on mandolin and percussion. Peter, founder of the musical groups C#minor7 and Foggy Mountain Consort, plays a lively variety of New England fiddle tunes for the fairies and Mr. Badger. Here’s a clip of “Badger Meets the Fairies” accompanied by Ann and Peter at Old Schwamb Mill in Arlington: